Ess Ell Diagnostics

Ess Ell Diagnostics is a chain of advanced radio-diagnostic centres in Punjab, India with 5 centres located in Patiala & Sangrur districts.

It is promoted & managed by team of highly skilled professionals. All centres are equipped with latest equipment & technology from reputed vendors.

Ess Ell Diagnostics


• To become a premier chain of Radiology centres in our region.
• To contribute to radiology education and research.


• To provide affordable, timely and quality radio-diagnostic services .
• To make radiology services accessible to all people in remote rural areas.

Service Recipient Says

I can see the future of the medical industry and technology with this kind of product. With the help of X-ray machines, we can now diagnose any disease or illness. I am really satisfied and thankfull to the staff members


I had an abdominal ultrasound done for my baby and the results were clear and the doctor was impressed by the quality of the pictures.